In almost any field and industry, aesthetics play a significant role. This is something that cannot be disregarded especially when it comes to content creation. Following are top tips you can use to make your blog look appealing and visually stunning and at the same time, the possibility for it to become viral.

The Sentences in Your Paragraphs

Whenever visitors checked a site that has poor formatting, their attention quickly dispersed and the next logical move for them to take is close the existing window. If you’re a small business however or freelancer, it is critical that you make your blog visually appealing. It is true if you want to boost engagement.

One way that you can do to make your blog appealing visually is by keeping your paragraphs in about a couple of sentence long.

When filling a blog post with paragraphs that have 3 to 5 sentences, the reader will sooner or later only see a block of text.

This is basically the time when their attention will be distracted and perhaps, move on to other search results they found on Google.

Use Pictures to Express Your Message

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. According to studies, when people heard of a piece of info, only 10 percent of it remains. But when it’s presented together with a photo, they can retain 70 percent of it.