If you think that creating and designing a logo is that simple, well then, think again. This task is something that will consume a great amount of your resources and time and even debates with your colleagues and anyone involved in the process.

Logo on the other hand is something that can’t be ignored for it serves as the identity of your company.

This is dictating the graphics, fonts and color that would be applied to everything from your homepage to marketing campaigns and other promotional items. This logo creation is seen frequently among football fans who really spend time in making something that would show their love and support for their teams.

If you wish to do the same, here are handfuls of tips that you have to know.


The logo needs to be versatile enough for it to have various applications. But the most important of all is that, it has to work in black and white or in color.


A well designed and created logo is something that could stand the test of time. Logo’s longevity is contributing to the overall brand awareness.


The application of the logo must be consistent. This is the reason why companies especially the bigger and established ones have brand guides dictating how the logo must be used.