Anyone who has a full arsenal and equipment in photography would tell you, organizing pictures and selecting one is not easy. Well, to assist you in selecting photos that you truly love, let me give you couple of tips straight from experts on which photos to be saved and which can go.

The Stack

Stack is going to be the perfect option for areas with limited space.

Thus, those who have corners that may utilize some edge and little nooks can start making the most of the area. Since the sizes of frame and photos vary, it is strongly recommended to opt for varieties of photo types as you keep complementary theme and/or color palette. As a quick example, you may try mixing and matching architectural shots, landscapes and your selfies for a more visually appealing gallery wall.

Uneven Grid

In this kind of gallery wall, it works perfectly when place above a bar, desk or perhaps, a narrow dresser. This is going to create an instant piece of statement and even makes your friends have a second look.

Since all mat openings have square shape, this type of gallery wall serve as a wonderful and stunning Instagram photo.