Greenfield land or otherwise known as Greenfield sites is a type of land that’s not bound to any infrastructures or buildings.

The Culmination of Great Minds

Both designers and developers may instinctively sometimes opt the concept of building on Greenfield sites for the reason that it offers the perfect canvas on their creative minds. Not to mention, this has fewer constraints and also, more economical to work on with. This is the same reason why artists are being called upon to make the best works on these lands.

On the other hand, these types of sites have their fair share of challenges as well. It offers couple of drivers in steering the design in a certain direction, accessing issues as well as poor connectivity and difficulties with supplies and not to mention, the exposure to elements.

It can even lead to the loss of amenity land, biodiversity and agricultural land and ecological habitats.

Don’t Confuse Yourself

You must not interchange or be confused with Greenfield sites to Green Belts. These types of lands have established buffer zone between rural land and urban land. Therefore, it separates country and town and preserve land for specific applications like wildlife, agriculture and forestry in which environmental conditions can further developed.