One of the hardest things to do in photography is sifting through all your raw images and deciding which among them has the best shot, those that must be kept and deleted. Every photographer knows the struggle in this process. So to help you out, here are few things that you may want to consider.

Do not take in so many at once

When taking hundreds of images at a session, the notion of checking out every photo and then deciding which is best is purely difficult.

If you will take every photo with intent then wait for right timing before you push the shutter, you won’t need to scan through random shots.

Selecting images that reflects your personality and style

The truth is, it’s surprising to know how much the photos you’ve chosen will reflect you as a photographer. Two photographers may be taking the same set of pictures and yet, they will come with different images to toss or keep.

Check out for distractions

You might notice couple of things in your photo that you know you have to fix during processing. You should decide whether or not if it’s a deal breaker or if it is worth the fix.