Not everyone is into arts, especially drawings but if you are one who wants to learn and improve your skills in such, then take time to observe something, analyze the shapes and lines and reproduce it. You aren’t just setting up to capture it and then proceed to the next subject.

You succumb yourself with the form, color and the proportion of the object. Then after, you start to further analyze how shadow and light affect it and how it defines and reveals its form. With this level of awareness, any subject you use can be transformed into your own visual representation.

Practice. Practice. Practice

As for those who wish to be better in this skill or talent, there are countless of things that can be done. One of those things is through practice.

Constant practice result to improvement and mastery of this skill. You will not get better results unless, you encourage yourself to try it out.

Of course, the more you draw, the more you will feel confident.

What about Other Drawings?

Regardless if it is a meticulously and complex rendering or simple lines, there’s so much to learn by just observing and understanding how each component works. How it was shaded, how the lines and shapes were used can help a lot!