Bangkok is known for its unique street food delicacies and experiences, shopping spree and its notorious nightlife. However, one of the most recent works it does to pull in more tourists is focused on cultural high grounds.

This is by turning the metro into one of the world’s leading art gallery.

A Start of Something New

As a matter of fact, there was an exhibition in the city named Bangkok Art Biennale and this showcased more than 200 pieces of artworks and several artists across the globe from South Korean’s Choi Jeong Hwan ad Japan’s Yayoi Kusama. From videos, photos, paintings and everything in between, performance and installation of arts for display in 20 venues are scattered throughout the city, particularly in key tourist destinations and malls as well.

World Today through Art

In 2017, Bangkok was hailed as the most visited city in the world. The installation of artworks in Bangkok has tackled on wide varieties of topics from pollution, climate change, technology, refugees, urbanization and modernization, taboo subjects similar to sex work and everything under the sun.

This has become a success in the city as many art-inclined individuals and like-minded people has taken part of the exhibition.