Shooting jewelry photos is something that requires skill and pure talent. As a matter of fact, a lot of people not realize it by now that creating stunning pictures that are then used to magazines and splash pages require serious dedication and commitment to this craft.

This is the exact same reason why jewelry companies are employing only those who have specialized skill-sets.

That being said, never let this to scare you in thinking that you being an average photographer could not take some decent photos with your simple tools. If you had recently got your ring and like to take photos of it, you’re just in the right place. In here, you are going to learn a couple of tips on how you can take snaps like a pro without the hundred thousand dollar investments and years of experience they have.

Macro Mode for Macro Benefits

Majority of the modern cameras as well as smartphones have a built-in function in its camera app called “macro”. More often than not, it’s depicted with a tulip/flower icon. With this, you can capture close up views of an object in a much higher definition. Thus, giving you more detail of the subject.

Turning Your Smartphone into an Instant DSLR Camera

For Apple users, the macro mode is automatically activated as soon as the camera has detected an object that’s few inches away from its lens. So basically, what you have to do is snap and shoot.