Resonance Textile Firm Goes All Out to Revive Garment Manufacturing in the U.S.

Resonance built the world’s first end-to-end facility where designers can create clothing and sustainably grow garment businesses regardless of economic scale.

Out to prove that the fashion industry does not have to destroy the planet to sustainably create and sell the next product that will become in demand worldwide, the textile company built a first of its kind, creation-to-customer-closet platform. It’s a 300 square-foot, 12-station sewing facility that stands at Pier 59 in Chelsea Piers, right next to Resonance’s headquarters.

Resonance is a textile manufacturing company that produces organic and environmentally certified fabrics using digital printing. Resonance’s proprietary technology provides a fully automated process to use in efficiently and sustainably designing, selling, and making hundreds of garments, in real time, per week.

How Resonance Plans to Fulfill Its Commitment

Chairman and Co-Founder of Resonance, Lawrence Lenihan said the company is deeply committed to bring garment manufacturing back to New York City. NYC’s thriving textile manufacturing industry went on a decline after companies opted to go overseas in order to lower production costs. This led to the loss of over one million garment manufacturing jobs in the last 50 years.

Chairman Lenihan believes that through Resonance’s innovative manufacturing systems and advanced machine learning, new entrepreneurs can take orders through the platform and build a new fashion value chain that will add thousands of living wage jobs throughout the country.

Actually, the company is also working to build a network of US-based garment manufacturing firms that will utilize the Resonance platform. The goal is to renew stateside garment manufacturing by enabling the new generation of manufacturers to compete on costs by being closer to end-users. Doing so will also allow for transparency over the garment manufacturing firms’ social and environmental value and impact on the communities being served.