Placket Sewing : Important Pointers to Keep in Mind

Plackets are one of those sewing tasks that gives a piece of garment a nice touch, whether as a functional or decorative addition in finishing a garment opening. It’s actually a method of holding together the fabric after it was cut to make an opening in a blouse or dress that has no facing. Many who are new to sewing can do well to learn the right steps in sewing a placket, which if not properly done could ruin the quality of a home-sewn dress.

Important Pointers to Consider When Sewing a Placket

Plackets should be placed in an area where they would be easy to access when fastening and unfastening an opening; except when a blouse or dress has no front opening.

Bear in mind that there is a standing rule for placket positioning, which distinguishes girls’ from boys’ clothing. The plackets of a girl’s blouse has the right side of the placket overlapping the left side. The opposite is true for boys’ polo shirts, in which the left side overlaps the right side of the placket.

Inasmuch as plackets bear a lot of strain during fastening and unfastening, it’s important to always interface the placket area. However, this is the part which many newbie dressmakers encounter difficulty in keeping the placket straight, smooth and well-seamed

Nevertheless, there are several YouTube video tutorials that illustrate sewing techniques and step by step instructions on ho to sew plackets for different types of openings.